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Protect your logo, slogan and brand.

Now that you have a new logo and brand, protect it by applying for a federal trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office. Filing a trademark protects your brand name , slogan, logo or unique symbol from being used without your permission. Our experts make it easy for you to complete your trademark filing by helping you every step of the way. Just answer a few simple questions and we’ll handle the rest.

When Is the best time to file a trademark?

Deciding when to file your trademark is an important decision that depends on many factors. When you form your business, you can claim common law ownership of your name right away, without filing a trademark. However, the name will only be protected in the geographic location that the mark is used and offers only limited protections. In many cases, its wise to start the trademark application as soon as you can, after the corporation or LLC is formed. By filing your trademark early, you can be sure the business name is protected when you start sales.

What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright?

While a trademark is used to protect brand identity, a copyright instead protects original work such as literary, dramatic, musical and artistic arts. This includes protection for novels, movies, songs or computer software. Generally, a copyright lasts for the lifetime of the original author / creator + 70 years while a trademark is effective perpetually, although there are exceptions. You can view our chart below to get a good sense of whether you should file a copyright or a trademark.

What is the difference between a trademark and a patent?

When considering the best method of protecting your intellectual property, its important to understand the difference between a patent and a trademark. Patents are a limited time protection relating to an invention. This includes machines, unique processes, unique and useful industrial processes, or manufactured items. A patent protects the inventor by preventing anyone else from using the process or manufacturing the product for example.

A trademark however does not protect a physical object. Instead, it is designed to protect a word, phrase, symbol and / or Logo that identifies and distinguishes your brand. One other difference is that a trademark never expires, as long as you continue to use the mark.

If for instance you were to start a company based around an invention you created, you may patent the invention itself to prevent others from also creating and selling it. Then, you may also file a trademark to protect your company’s logo design from brand infringement.

Is a service mark the same as a trademark?

The difference between a service mark and a trademark are very subtle. In fact, most often the term “trademark” is used to refer to both of these protections. By definition, a trademark is a word, phrase or symbol that identifies a source of goods , while a service mark is a word, phrase, or symbol that identifies a the source of a service, rather than goods.

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